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As you can see we are in a digital environment. We are working on our computers, our information and relations are developing in this “new world”. Also we are expecting more changes and new tools and challenges around the “computers” in our lifes. Then I am totally sure that you have been listening something about the Electronic Paper, Electronic Ink, E- paper or E-ink. I had a teacher at Universitat de Valencia that thought that the printed book is going to dissapear totally. I am not very sure about the term “totally” but I am really sure about “dissapear”. Today the librarians, in many libraries, don’t purchase the professionals magazines on paper format. They prefer the digital access. Of course I agree with them. This choose allows us save time, space, efforts and accessibility. Also it allows a better way to do a librarian cooperation. But the magazines are not the only ones. Today many libraries purchase the service for access to books. Depending on the necessities of everyone. For example the Safari Books Online Service, specialists on computers science books or My iLibrary where you can find many technical subjects.

Then if we are using digital documents, to edit, work and share, and the printed book is going to dissapear, we need a tool to fill, in many ways, the space of the traditional book. We could use our personal computers but many times is not enought. Here is when the E-Paper plays a role.

The E-Paper is trying to introduce in the market since many time ago but at this time is not normal see somebody reading in the bus with one of this machines. But perhaps we only need a couple of years to see it as explain very well this article The Future of Electronic Paper.

I like the idea of work without paper. And may be the people need time to addapt but remind that not many years ago, for example, the mobile phones or the laptops and personal computers were so expensive and not many people could buy its.


Written by claesju

February 13, 2009 at 10:30 am

Posted in Electronic book

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