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Web 3.0,

I like very much some of the ideas from Andras’ presentation.

Read-Write-Execute, is the first time that I have realise that point of view to describe the Web 3.0, and is so right!

 First time, on the 90’s.  You could only read the pages and if you were very interested do one or write something in the visit’s book.

Read and Write. I remenber the first website that I did. Was on 1998, I think, and my brother of 13 years old help me. I did it using html code, very very boring, and some guides from internet and uploading in a free space that use my page to put advertisements. That website worked, now you could see it because is still working. Later write became easy and easy with the blogs. With the social network I feel integrated in my community of friends, and also academic.

Read, Write and Execute.  Use new portals, 3D portals!! wooww the people could look at me in real time!!


Written by claesju

March 19, 2009 at 2:09 pm

Posted in LATINA Course

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