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Fly the kite: Comments of Eva’s Learning Task

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We have just done one task from the Eva’s learning project.

Read a short text and think one title. The text is really vague, because you don’t know what is talking about!!

But you have one video in internet, and watching this video you could know what it is about. At the first time I felt lost, what is talking about?? Also I decided use a translation, I really wanna know all the meanings…but I didn’t understand something new, so I realised that could be the option of the video was my solution, and actually it is the solution.

So it has been very helpul tool to understand the subject. And I am surprised of  how the context, not only the text himself, is another way to communication. Very clear example.

Also is possible take out some ideas related to the learning proccess, how the multimedia can expand the learning and is a powerful tool. Using multimedia channels, for comunicate a piece of information.

It is like the life process. You grow up in an environment that give you many ways to learn, in an interconnected proccess where is impossible put walls.  



Written by claesju

March 20, 2009 at 8:59 am

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