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Preparing our presentation for the LATINA Learning Event, we have to face the best way to do it.

A good website to take into account: Presentation Helper give you many tips and even templates for the slides.

A. Techniques:
Pecha-Kucha, consists in presents 20 images, for a 20 seconds a piece, with a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The presentations keep to be very concise, and the use of images mantain the audience attention.
B. Tools: a presentation program as OpenOffice, Power Point, Adobe, Flash…

To work directly using Internet; Google docs, 280 slides

C. Good advices from this link and my comments

1. Use visual aids, the presentation becoming more interesting
2. Keep it short and sweet, (a limit of time)
3. The rule of three, use a maximum of three points on a slide.
4. Reharse, to become an expert in your presentation and find out mistakes.
5. Tell stories, with anecdotes for example.
6. Don’t put your speakers notes up on the screen, be concise.
7. Video yourself, and you could find out more mistakes and remember the schema.
8. Have a back-up plan, if something is wrong at the presentation
9. Know what slide is coming next, if you have a technical problem and jump over one, you could realise it.
10. Check out the presentation room, be there with time to check and prepare the presentation
11. Check out the spelling!!
12. Don’t be afraid to introduce links with complementary information.

C. On the web:

A good idea and tip for you presentation could be do it interactive and share it in the net. For example put your presentation on your blog and comment it.

If you use links your presentation can become a good tool also.

Tools to share it: Google docs, Slideshare and even Youtube.

Another resource: Bad presentation problems and its remedies.


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May 11, 2009 at 8:45 am

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