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What’s about Spain: Learning and Teaching in a Digital World

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The use of new technologies in education need change the way to educate, it is not enought put the computer and wait what happens. (by Tord)

Today we have a new task in LATINA, research in our countries to know the current situation about learning and teaching in a digital world.

I have decided just search in the spanish pages mainly. Cause of it the links that I provide here are in spanish.

This links are only some of the few that I had time to consult, and I think are relevant.

About the school and highschool education:

Article: Tecnología para enseñar  

A slideshare about the usage of the new technologies by young spanish people.

From the “Congreso Nacional de Internet en el Aula” (National Congress of Internet in the classroom) a slideshare about the use of blogs in the learning

A  website with a teaching and learning resource for the primary school by the Spanish Ministry of Education. “El mundo de fantasmin”

It application has been develop inside the “Plan Avanza“. This plan has as a goal the integration of the new technologies and their application into the spanish society to empowered their possiblities and competition.

My general idea, based basically on my experience, is that in Spain we are introducing the new technologies in the learning environment and also it is changing many aspects of our education. But today we are  yet in the first steps.The learning staff, institutions, and Ministry of Education are taking into account the new situation about the new learning and teaching methods. 

I think all of them are doing a big effort, many times supported by the develop of digital libraries and its resources, but we need more adaptation time to see the changes.

About the higher education:

Since many years ago, in Spain, we have the UNED, Spanish Distance Education University that used, as many of the normal universities, a Learning Management Systems. This LMS  is closed.

As students I don’t know any Digital Learning in the spanish higher education with an open access. Is possible study a distance course, that at this moment normally include the use and integration of multimedia channels but with a closed used.

Many of them have websites that support the learning materials, forums, and other resource for the distance learning, but always in a closed way.

Comments on class:

“LMS= Learning Management System, is build as a classical management school system, are closed systems, the thing that you put inside is not visible for the rest of the world.

The  is opposite, everything is available as you producing, is more productive an creative” by Tord.



Written by claesju

May 13, 2009 at 7:58 am

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  2. It’s very interesting and useful for me to learn about the learning and teaching in Spain,a little different from China


    May 14, 2009 at 7:11 am

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    June 30, 2010 at 7:29 am

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