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My Digital Library Learning Project

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Librarians in Troubles, picture by Claesju

Librarians in Troubles, picture by Claesju

Hi everyone,

today I have finished my Digital Library Learning Project.

I have introduced more practice exercise to support the different Digital Library examples.

Also there are a new section that include a discussion about the Libraries future, where I include my opinion about it.

As I say in my project, we are involving in a change time. The Digital Library subject is really huge and now is under developing. So I hope that my learning project could help people to understand the Digital Libraries, only as overview but being useful and clear.

This picture illustrate the blog´s name, Librarians in Troubles. I think that is so funny. There are two librarians very sad and worry because many people think that the Libraries are going to disappear, and the traditional librarians with them.

I don´t share totally this opinion, but I think that we need improve and adapt our profession. Or really we could finish as the picture show. 

I hope you enjoy my learning project.


Learning design at LATINA lesson

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Today we have taken a look at the design of a Learning event using the new technologies.
In this case we have seen the Learning Event of our college Ann-Hege, her Educational Event about Textures.
I like very much as she has been able to introduce us in the “textures world”, using her explanations supported by medias, as videos, pictures and music. It had been as a textures trip over the surfaces. I think allways is difficult get the attention of the audience, but a little more if you have an abstract subject.

After get into the textures we have been discussing about our ideal learning at the university.

We have extracted some conclusions, that I think we could achieve.
1. The active role of students and teaching, developing a critical point of view.
2. The teacher as a guide and support.
3. The use of new tools in the daily life lessons, the new technologies, for example the blogging.
4. Students and teachers in a continuing training.
5. Internationalise the studies, students and teachers to face the new globalization world.
6. Integrating and matching the same studies in the different countries, a way to allow student and labour mobility .

Also from the presentation of Vibeke about the course Fragment.
My conclusion is more about the obsolescence of the new technologies because this course is from the 2005, more or less, and only in this years we have been changed to the social network and also the creation and distribution of digital contents is totally changed.

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May 12, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Learning and Teaching in a Digital World: youtube

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Hi everyone!

many things are happening in Internet… too much? may be, but the good point is that Internet could give you every day, or almost, a surprise.

I have started my blog because one of my subject in the Oslo University Collegue, LATINA, that means “Learning and teaching in a digital world”.

Because of this subject I´m writing my “Digital Library Learning Project“. The main idea is be able to teach something very boring and tricky for many people 😉 , in a easy and more interesting way.

I love youtube, yes I know that it is only a web channel, but youtube shows very well how teach and learn have changed.

A very good example is all the “How to” videos. Do you wanna do a cheesecake and don´t know how to? or do you need some makeup tutorials? or do you want to know how to jump-start your car

Take a look in youtube!!

I think it is one of the best attributes of Internet. Anyone could put a video, a tutorial, or a response of a video, and explain how they do something. Is amazing, and you could learn a lot of things! 

Many of this people that appear in the how-to tutorials are becoming famous gurus. Many have 100 thousand suscribers, and a new posted video has in only 1 day thousands of visits and hundreds of comments. 

Afterwards my lost of hours using youtube I have got some conclusions:


Also GOOD QUALITY and AMAZING are the winners.

And finally a curious example, HotForWords… Enjoy it!

Task B Creating a Learning Presentation Resource- Latina Day 4

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The task B for today is to create a Learning Presentation Resource using Google and Wikipedia and more than 3 different resources. As I have said in other post I am interesting in the the Digital library, Library 2.0 and Web 2.0. I think it may be a good topic to do my Learning Presentation.


What is a Digital Library (DL) ? In my own words I can define DL in very simply way as

 a library in a digital format that is accessible by computers using the World Wide Web.

An interesting article to do a first approximation is : Digital Library from Wikipedia

An example of the work and development of one Digital Library; the case of the Digital Library of Congress

But it is not all. The future of the Digital Libraries is totally amazing and powerful. Please just watch this video

This video shows a change that is happening now.

And finally, if you have time I recommend you watch this video too. It is the spirit of the Digital Libray in person.

One note: at this moment this video has more than 16,000 views!! 

I like more my profession when I listen things like that.

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February 5, 2009 at 10:55 am