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Thinking about the traditional newspapers and libraries

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I think I have some interesting ideas from certain observations. Perhaps it is a very simple point of view but, as have said Andras, we have to re-think.

In Spain the only one newspaper that is not falling (actually is increasing) is a free newspaper of only 30 pages, colour pages (something interesting), that is supported by the advertisement. The dealers give you early in the morning in the most important places of every city. Later is difficult to find one dealer or distribution point but normally you can take it from a bus or a coffe table, as a secondhand (may be fithhand) newspaper. So when people have finished they put it on a new place where another person could take it…

I think is possible to understand some useful ideas from this observation:

1. People like an EASY AND FREE WAY to find the things
2. When they have found the information they like JUST TAKE A LOOK
3. People like SHARE the information. DOESN´T MATTER if is a newspaper FREE OR NOT, they take a look and share. Passively or actively.
4. People like EASY READING: shorts and brief news.
5. People like GOOD LOOK that help to read.

I think we can deduce some desirable characteristics that an information service must have. Today internet provide the majority. We can think now about our traditional libraries…

Additional information:
really are three important free newspapers in Spain
1st: 20 minutos
2nd: Qué
3rd: Metro
This three newspapers have passed the traditional newspapers in the year 2008.
And is interesting that they have, of course, a digital format too 🙂


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February 4, 2009 at 8:52 pm

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