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Public presentations are usually a cause for nervousness and anxiety.
It may represent the most important moment of a hard work, so is normal  that we feel uncomfortable in this situation because also we are under pressure.
But we don’t have to be worry, not at all…
Many people have the same problem, and they have many tips and advice that we can achieve.
Following the advices we can realise about things that we didn’t at the first time and is a good way to improve.
Today we have been taking a look trought many of this tips.
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But I think for myself the most important points to have success in a presentation are:
1. Training, to improve our comunication skills
2. Being natural. For example if you need use your hands, it doesn’t have to be a problem when you’re feeling more confidence.
3. Being concise and visual


Written by claesju

May 11, 2009 at 12:36 pm