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Task ATesting the quality of Wikipedia (En) Latina Day 4

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9: 45 a.m
Hi everyone!
Today we have a task to do. It consists on test the Wikipedia quality using differents terms to search. Also I have to write here my results and comment it.
My topic is going to be around the challengue of the libraries in the new digital age. I am going to use terms in relationship with the “new libraries” and their context inside the social web, the three terms are based on terminology that many people use normally in this topic.
So the terms to test are:
1. Digital Libraries
2. Libraries 2.0
3. Web 2.0
Ok…and now lets go to the job!

10:15 am

Digital Libraries 

I have introduced the term “Digital Libraries”. The result has been an article with the title  “Digital Library”. I have been looking it and really I must say that I like it. I think is relevant, complete and clear. I like very much the possibility to link anothers pages that have a relationship. For example I have gone to library. Is interesting that you can look that the article has been revised. Also I think the article is update. Using the links you could go to the projects that the article has cited, for example, and give more information related. So I think the quality of information is hight. Is very interesting  the powerful system that provide the possiblity to link others articles and complete the possible knowledge gaps.

10:30 a.m.

Libraries 2.0

The same to search. I have introduced the term “Libraries 2.0” and as result I receive an article with the title “Library 2.0”. This article has two notes that explain that the article must be cleaned up to meet Wikipedia’s quality stardards. I think this notes show the quality of the wikipedia system. Also I think the quality of this article is ok.


Web 2.0

Another time I have done the same, I have introduced the term “Web 2.0” and the result is an article about it. I have been reading it before (the same as the anothers two 😉 ) and I think the quality is ok too, looks update, clear and useful. I must say that I had studied some topics using this article like a approximate scheme to the task. So of course I like it.

In conclusion I think that Wikipedia is a good encyclopedia that provide update information in many cases but not in all the cases because is an un-edited encyclopedia (as have said Tord in the classroom today). I know that may be Wikipedia does not have all the content that could. But I think is a good tool and a good point to do an approximation to one question. Exactly what a encyclopedia must be many times. The interesting here is the ability to change and improve. I think it is the really important. 



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February 5, 2009 at 8:56 am

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