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Learning and Teaching in a Digital World: youtube

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Hi everyone!

many things are happening in Internet… too much? may be, but the good point is that Internet could give you every day, or almost, a surprise.

I have started my blog because one of my subject in the Oslo University Collegue, LATINA, that means “Learning and teaching in a digital world”.

Because of this subject I´m writing my “Digital Library Learning Project“. The main idea is be able to teach something very boring and tricky for many people 😉 , in a easy and more interesting way.

I love youtube, yes I know that it is only a web channel, but youtube shows very well how teach and learn have changed.

A very good example is all the “How to” videos. Do you wanna do a cheesecake and don´t know how to? or do you need some makeup tutorials? or do you want to know how to jump-start your car

Take a look in youtube!!

I think it is one of the best attributes of Internet. Anyone could put a video, a tutorial, or a response of a video, and explain how they do something. Is amazing, and you could learn a lot of things! 

Many of this people that appear in the how-to tutorials are becoming famous gurus. Many have 100 thousand suscribers, and a new posted video has in only 1 day thousands of visits and hundreds of comments. 

Afterwards my lost of hours using youtube I have got some conclusions:


Also GOOD QUALITY and AMAZING are the winners.

And finally a curious example, HotForWords… Enjoy it!