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Hi everyone!

I´m very proud to show you the presentation of our research, Andras, Ana and me, about the student´s behavior in the Learning Center P48 of Oslo University College. A building of 6 floor, where the main library is located in the 2nd floor but the Learning Center is distributed trought all the building, with relevance zones on the 1st and the 5th floor also, and a total of 732 sits.

The evidence-based librarianship is the name for the way of solving practical problems through scientific research in information science. With scientific method we can achieve some evidences that can be applied in the workplace.

Using the observation methodology we can ensure enough data colletion to analyse and extract results and conclusion about how is used our Library, in this case, the majority space of the Learning Center including zones as the hall.

We are extracting many conclusions. One conclusion is the important use of the digital media and the computers zone against the more traditional medias, printed media basically.

Yet is not ready the report, but I hope that it will be ok in some weeks and I could share it too.

Meanwhile you could take a look at “Students in action: an observation study of the Oslo University College Learning Centre” and also our presentation.


Written by claesju

May 7, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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