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The best way to understand and achieve a Digital Library is use it. 

So here I give you a practice. Enjoy it.


Turn you into a high school student

photo by athena in

photo by athena in

You are a high school student and you have to read Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, for you literature lesson. Also you have an examination that include a comment about this book.

Searching for the book you have visited your school but there are not available it because all of them have been given to your colleges. You do not have the book. You are feeling desesperate because the time is running out and it is impossible for you go to the city and buy one there, also it is so expensive and you are saving your money for a bike.

So you decide ask to your librarian. She told you that in Internet this book is available and she invite you to look for it using the school computer. She told you something about a website where are many books free!!

She search a web in the computer and next she left you alone with it. 

Project Gutenberg Homepage

Project Gutenberg Homepage

Your work, find out the book and download it to the computer.

Clue 1: Go to the Project Gutenberg website here.

Clue 2: Use the search box at your left side. Search by author, by title or both of them.

Clue 3: Look different files to realise the different editions and file types.

Clue 4: Dowload it using the Download links.

Finally write a comment about how was the experience.


Written by claesju

May 31, 2009 at 10:12 am

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