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As the first practice about Project Gutenberg, the best way to understand and achieve a Digital Library is practicing it. 

So here I give another practice. Enjoy it.


Turn you into a historian

You are a historian that is studying the sculpture in Asia. You are writing your doctorate thesis about this subject and you need a very specific information about it. You are working with many documents, articles, books, other thesis works. You are really researching everywhere. But you do not have yet a very interesting group of antique photographs from a Cave Temple located in the spectacular site of Ellora, India.

You have been studying many related articles that talk about this wonderful cave, but this articles do not show you all the sculptures that are interesting for your work. You really need a better comprehension and quality of this photographs.


The three strides from Das Avatara

The three strides from Das Avatara

Your work, find out related photograph and their descriptions.

Clue 1:  Go to Europeana here.

Clue 2: Introduce in the search box the description that include the terms, something like “cave temple Ellora India”

Clue 3: Take a look through the documents available, choose the type of document “Images” to see only pictures and photographs.

Next, when you have the group of photographs, read it and try to find the date and the author of it. Try to download it. Realise about the different origins of everyone.

Finally write a comment about how was the research.


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May 31, 2009 at 10:13 am

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