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III. Biblioteca Digital Hispánica

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Biblioteca Digital Hispánica 

contains digitised documents from the Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE), National Spanish Library, and other digitised collection from others Digital Libraries (Collections included). 

It Digital Library contributes to the European Digital Library, Europeana.

The BNE is doing a big effort of adaptation to the new technologies and 2.0 services, increasing its usage possiblities in a very closed relationship with the Digital Cultural Heritage and the Digital Preservation.

For example the creation of aFacebook page and  a Youtube channel, with many videos on events and the Library´s daily activities.


But the BNE and the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica go ahead introducing a book-on-demand machine for the users, where in a cheap mode is going to be possible “print the digitised pieces, simply and easily.This service can also be accessed through the virtual book shop Bubok.”  In my point of view it is an amazing option and is going to empowered the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica  to the future.

 Biblioteca Digital Hispánica has a easy search interface that show you the document in pdf format. Also is possible configure you own account in “My Space” page, changing the language and other options.


Written by claesju

April 27, 2009 at 10:48 pm

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