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As the other exercises here I give you another practice.

The best way to understand and achieve the Digital Libraries.


Turn you into a bibliophile

You have a beauty and antique book shop. You have a wonderful collection that include many kind of books and engravings. You have been collecting it for years. Your favourite collection are the German engravings. But you do not have too much because are very difficult to find it and it is so expensive. You only have some inherited engravings from your grandfather. Also is difficult access to others similar documents in the Historical Libraries because have a restricted access, only for researchers, and you are not a researcher.

You are very interesting to find out more of this German engravings without  pay for it and with a good quality in photograph, information and related documentation to compare with your own engravings. 

Aquiles con Tetis y Quirón en la BNE

Aquiles con Tetis y Quirón en la BNE

Your work, find out more German engravings.

Clue 1: Go to the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica here, that have an important collection of engravings.

Clue 2: Translate the web because is in Spanish. Use GoogleTranslate, introduce the URL in the translation box and choose translate Spanish to English. Now see the english website and find out the engravings (down Fine Arts).

Clue 3: Click on Engravings, and next on German Engravings.

Clue 4: See the different engravings, choose one and see it larger. Look at the information related to the document. Try to download it clicking on the JPG box.

Then write your comment about how have been the practice.


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May 31, 2009 at 10:14 am

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