Librarians in Trouble

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b. The new Librarian Role

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picture by Claesju

picture by Claesju


The picture present how is the situation now in many libraries. People could use Internet to access to the information that they need. Now it is not necessary visit the library, for example, to read the news, consult a tourist guide or even read a book.

So at this moment the traditional librarian role could seems antique. Now it is not enough to help the users to find out a book in the shelves. 

It is necessary anything else that provide the librarian really useful for people, and encouraged them coming to the library.

For me the new librarian role consist on a mix of different abilities. The teaching of the new tools, as the new technologies, for example. Or the development of reading programmes to improve the reading abilities achieving the cultural place provide by the Libraries.

But the important is to know that the librarians could contribute with helpful  abilities to a new Library, more useful, open and interesting for people.


Written by claesju

April 21, 2009 at 9:20 pm

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