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II. Academic Repositories

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photo by laughingmonk in

photo by laughingmonk in

Imagine a place, where you have many scientific articles, a lot of articles, from many different professional and researcher journals. All together, with their summaries, in full text, well ordenered by categories, subjects, taxonomies, keywords… so you have enough tools to achieve all the information that content * and also it is in Internet.

There are possible find out the relevance of an article, of the authors or their organizations. Find out the related works to one paper, the related bibliography, their impact in others works, etc…

More or less it is an Academic Repository. And the organizations like Universities, Goverments, Companies or simply students, use this “databases” and their tools to provide their research and their reports with a solid base, the first point when you are doing a research.

One example of an open access academical repositories is NORA, the Institutional Repository in Norway (1). Here is possible access to full articles and download or print.

A list of spanish academical repositories, the website “Directorio de Repositorios Institucionales Españoles de Acceso Abierto”.

For a deeply understanding about the repositories visit the article from Wikipedia, Repository.


Written by claesju

April 21, 2009 at 9:02 pm

2 Responses

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