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New Post en Bibliotecarios en Apuros: Máster en Archivística Carlos III de Madrid

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Hi! Two days ago I update the page about the spanish masters to include the

“Máster en Archivística Carlos III de Madrid

wich is in spanish.


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May 3, 2009 at 2:26 pm

Learning and Teaching in a Digital World: youtube

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Hi everyone!

many things are happening in Internet… too much? may be, but the good point is that Internet could give you every day, or almost, a surprise.

I have started my blog because one of my subject in the Oslo University Collegue, LATINA, that means “Learning and teaching in a digital world”.

Because of this subject I´m writing my “Digital Library Learning Project“. The main idea is be able to teach something very boring and tricky for many people 😉 , in a easy and more interesting way.

I love youtube, yes I know that it is only a web channel, but youtube shows very well how teach and learn have changed.

A very good example is all the “How to” videos. Do you wanna do a cheesecake and don´t know how to? or do you need some makeup tutorials? or do you want to know how to jump-start your car

Take a look in youtube!!

I think it is one of the best attributes of Internet. Anyone could put a video, a tutorial, or a response of a video, and explain how they do something. Is amazing, and you could learn a lot of things! 

Many of this people that appear in the how-to tutorials are becoming famous gurus. Many have 100 thousand suscribers, and a new posted video has in only 1 day thousands of visits and hundreds of comments. 

Afterwards my lost of hours using youtube I have got some conclusions:


Also GOOD QUALITY and AMAZING are the winners.

And finally a curious example, HotForWords… Enjoy it!

Swineflu in Twitter and Google maps

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I have just read an article from CNN website. The title is “Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter” .  I recommend you read it.

The article explain that many people are using Twitter to distribute false information, “unnecessary hype and misinformation about the outbreak”. 

“For example, some Twitter users told their followers to stop eating pork, he said. Health officials have not advised that precaution. Read about how the virus is transmitted.” (from the cited article).

 Twitter has grownn up a lot the last months and now many people access to this micro-blogging site to get information or comment about if they feel any symptons. So these use of Twitter as a information tool, when anyone could write anything, true or false, is something quiet dangerous. But, of course, if you know this, that these information media is not totally “clean and transparence” you must be responsible using Twitter, or another resource. 

Twitter is a big rumour machine. So really you have to be prevented and understand that not because something is repeated a million of times must be true, A million of lemmings can be wrong. “That information needs to be put in context by journalists…” as says the cited article.

If you are interested in know what is happening in Twitter about the swineflu see here and introduce “swineflu” in the search box. On the time that I have spent for write this post, the volume of related post in Twitter has increased in more of 700 and every 3-5 second it grow up over 5-6 entries. I am really curious about this statistics.

Also thanks to Google maps the swineflu is being  monitoring, in many cases the information has been from Twitter sources!!. See the link of COMMENTS that appears in the site. Link here to see the swineflu map. 

Remember that:
Pink markers are suspect
Purple markers are confirmed or probable
Deaths lack a dot in marker
Yellow markers are negative

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April 28, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Print on Demand: Espresso Book

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This machine is presented as a revolution as the Gutenberg Press by OnDemandBooks
I´m not sure about its price, I think is expensive, but could be a good option in the libraries.
Perhaps, it is. But I think that the really important is that the book industry is trying to provide an aswer to the development of digital collections, inside the digital libraries, and they really think that it is a good market.

Here you have a quiet boring video, except if you are engineer 😉 , but I recommend you the second one, more interesting.

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April 28, 2009 at 1:00 am

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Newborn World Digital Library: testing the quality

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Today has been inaugurated the new World Digital Library  with the support of UNESCO. I had been waiting patiently the moment to go inside it and finally I like it in many senses.

A good point is that the WDL is very good presented.

The first page that you see is a map of the world divided by subdivisions of the continents and the number of documents available by time. Down this map you could see a time´s line where is possible choose a specific century or a time scale. Of course is possible do a “more normal browsing” by time, place, topic, type of item and institution.

A bad point is that I think now is only an example of what is going to be, because I think is still “empty”.

Testing the quality of the World Digital Library:

At the first time a tried to browse an edition of the spanish author Cervantes,  that

“His magnum opusDon Quixote, considered the first modern novel by many,[1] is a classic of Western literature and is regularly regarded among the best novels ever written. His work is considered among the most important in all of literature.” (from Wikipedia)


But this first browsing about Cervantes Saavedra didn´t work.

I introduced “cervantes” in the search space. The same with “quijote” or “quixote”. So I supposed they don´t have any document related to this topic.

Next I decided choose a document offered by them, because at this moment there are not too much documents.

The result was great. A wonderful picture of  a ” Chola Woman, Full-Length Portrait, Standing, Facing Right, La Paz, Bolivia”. The picture has a very good description, also in spanish, and others languages and the quality is wonderful

There is possible find out more pictures or information related to this document. For example the author, the collection from is part, etc. Is intituitive, I think so, more than a normal catalog, and the presentation is wonderful.

So I hope the WDL is going to have more documents in the future, because now is almost only an example of Digital Library. But I like his use and the quality of the pictures, cataloging, interaction, etc. Now we can talk about the world digital library as something real and working, but at the moment, only as an example of his potential.

Fly the kite: Comments of Eva’s Learning Task

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We have just done one task from the Eva’s learning project.

Read a short text and think one title. The text is really vague, because you don’t know what is talking about!!

But you have one video in internet, and watching this video you could know what it is about. At the first time I felt lost, what is talking about?? Also I decided use a translation, I really wanna know all the meanings…but I didn’t understand something new, so I realised that could be the option of the video was my solution, and actually it is the solution.

So it has been very helpul tool to understand the subject. And I am surprised of  how the context, not only the text himself, is another way to communication. Very clear example.

Also is possible take out some ideas related to the learning proccess, how the multimedia can expand the learning and is a powerful tool. Using multimedia channels, for comunicate a piece of information.

It is like the life process. You grow up in an environment that give you many ways to learn, in an interconnected proccess where is impossible put walls.  


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March 20, 2009 at 8:59 am

Comment to Andra’s Presentation

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Web 3.0,

I like very much some of the ideas from Andras’ presentation.

Read-Write-Execute, is the first time that I have realise that point of view to describe the Web 3.0, and is so right!

 First time, on the 90’s.  You could only read the pages and if you were very interested do one or write something in the visit’s book.

Read and Write. I remenber the first website that I did. Was on 1998, I think, and my brother of 13 years old help me. I did it using html code, very very boring, and some guides from internet and uploading in a free space that use my page to put advertisements. That website worked, now you could see it because is still working. Later write became easy and easy with the blogs. With the social network I feel integrated in my community of friends, and also academic.

Read, Write and Execute.  Use new portals, 3D portals!! wooww the people could look at me in real time!!

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March 19, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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